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Our Story

ADIBA is an exclusive woman's designer line, promoting a diverse, elegant and confident woman. Inspired by intellectual freedom; we present ready-to-wear, functional pieces that provide sophisticated freedom to others. ADIBA also offers a unique glamours selection of handmade headpieces and jewelry that has recently been added to the line. 

ADIBA is a proud supporter of non-profit organizations, that offer a successful future to those living in critical conditions. We believe, by contributing knowledge that promotes economical stability will not only create a better future now, but for multiple  generations to come. 

All ADIBA pieces are manufactured in New York City with premium fabrics.
The Story

ADIBA is an exclusive women’s designer line founded by Sylvana Sidra, an Egyptian Marketing graduate from MISR International University in Cairo. After completing a Leo Burnett internship in the Creative Department, Sylvana relocated to the United Sates. Investing 10 years in the boutique/retail industry starting as sales associate, climbing the ladder until reaching HR department, Sylvana acquired an immense amount of inspiration from her grandmother, Adiba Sidra, who was widow since her early 20's. Adiba created handmade functional apparel not only for her own family, but for those in need as well. The passing of her grandmother Adiba in 2016 launched the birth of the company that will forever portray a brave, sensitive, Simple and independent woman.



ADIBA will forever live on through the designs and creativity showcased by Sylvana Sidra.
 ADIBA Donates 10% Of All Sales To Widows In Need